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February 13, 2007


Literacy in ECE

Hi Eddie, I am a graduate student in Georgia. I read your "Cat Purrs about Safety Issues" post and am intrigued. What are "heeleys"? I feel so silly having to ask. I guess my nose has been stuck in a book for too long.
I love that you used a cat to speak your thoughts. Do you have any pets at home? Do you think cats really think things like the one you posted?
I cannot wait to hear the meaning of "heeleys". Have a great day!
Literacy in ECE


Heeleys are shoes that has wheels in the heels. I have many pets at home. I have 3 cats and dogs, 6 tree lizards, 2 chinese beta fish, and a snake.

Do you have any pets? if so please tell me.


Literacy In ECE

Eddie, You have SO many pets. That must be incredible!!! I only have one dog, Lilly, but she keeps me busy. What kind of dogs do you have? My dog is a golden retriever and she is VERY spoiled.
What are your tree lizards like? That is so neat. I would love to learn more about them.


1 of my dogs are pit bulls and the others are German shepards. The tree lizards are green with a yellow line going down thier backs. They mostly eat crickets. I'm going to have puppies in 3 months now but i'll tell you about them when they are born.


Hey ya eddie im in australia. How are you. I live in the northen territory (right up the top). It is so unfair that you get all thos animals and i only get one dog. His a japanies spitts and no he does not spit a lot. Heeleys are new one for me. But is it true that cats really do purr about safty. any way good luck. (sorry about the spelling)


Hey Eddie,
Me AGAIN i just love your blog and i can't stop sending comments anyway, i love that cat it is so FUNNY aswell.

I hope to see LOADS more of your great work.

From Amy A.K.A Pinky!!

:-) :-) :-) :-)


I had to0 earn those pets fair and square by working. It took me 2 years to get all of those animals. Heeleys have been out for 5 months so they aren't new to me. Do you have a blog if so please put the website on my blog please?


you will continue to see my great work on my blogs. Do you have a blog if so please give me the URL.

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