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February 09, 2007


Nicole (GSU grad student)

I love your thoughts on music and dance from different backgrounds! You seem to have really thought about the reasons you should have a music and dance program at your school. All of your rationales are very true. Music and dance are ways for people to express themselves. They also help you to release good and bad energy as well as keep in shape. Additionally, your last reason is phenomenal. It is so important for people to have an understanding of other’s backgrounds. Living in the United States, we have so many different and wonderful cultures that should be recognized. What better way to get to know some of the cultures but through a form of art that many can enjoy. You are definitely on the right track and more students need to have your open mindset. I hope you are able to convince others about the importance of the program.I would love to know if anything happens with your idea.

Take care.
Nicole (GSU Grad Student)


Eddie I completely agree with you. There are so many things you can learn by studying music and dance from cultures around the world. Many cultures use both song and dance to tell of important events that have happened throughout time. Which culture would you like to learn from first?
As a teacher I use music a lot to teach my first graders new concepts. Learning through song is much more catchy and a lot more fun than simply listening to someone tell you something. We also use dance when we learn new concepts. For instance, we do the Macarena when we sing the months of the year. Dancing is a great way to exercise and on the days when we cannot go out to play, we “get our wiggles out” with exercise and dance.
Our principal would love to hear your opinion about having a music and dance program. She has started some new programs at our school this year to expose students to fine arts. We now have a chorus and we’ve also had a wonderful program featuring an African dance team. Through their dance they told the story of African Americans coming to America starting the story pre-slavery to current day dances (“they did the lean wit it rock wit it dance”).
I think that your opinion is very valid. Voicing your opinion is your right. How would you propose your idea to your principal, teacher and fellow students? Would you want the program to be during school or after school?


Nicole & Peace,
Alot of students are agreeing with me on this subject. Many have asked the principal about it and she said she might go through with it. I would like the program to be after school because that would cut through our regular time to learn music. Everyone might not want to do it so people can sign up for it after school. Eddie

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