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February 21, 2007


Darren Kuropatwa

Oy! That must have been a very sad day. I remember when we had to put our cat down because he was very sick. There were four of us in my family at that time (now we're five ;-)) and we all cried.

Although this must be an unpleasant memory for you your writing style is very good. You did a wonderful job of including foreshadowing and developing a sense of drama in your last paragraph. The first two paragraphs really draw the reader in and helps them to feel a connection to you and your dog making the ending that much more powerful.

A well written post Eddie. ;-)


Indeed that was a sad day and it's still hard to look at the grave. So when they buried him I planted Tiger Lillies,his favorite plant,around his grave. Know were going to have puppies and that makes me feel better. Do you have any pictures of you cats that I can see?


Hello, Eddie. It sounds like you are a dog lover like myself. Your story of Muffin reminds me of the book "Because of Winn Dixie" (book titles are supposed to be underlined, but I just put quotation marks because the text box will not let me underline!). If you haven't already, check out this book, and I'll guarantee you will love it.

From the loving way you describe her, Muffin was certainly a treasure, and I am so sorry you have lost her. I have been there before. Losing a pet can be one of the most tragic events to happen to someone. (By the way, excellent use of the word "tragic" in your post! Many fifth graders probably don't know the meaning of that word.)

So, I am wondering. Did Muffin walk into the church right in the middle of the wedding ceremony? What an hysterical (VERY funny) situation! Did everyone laugh? Or, did people start whispering behind their hands to one another? You could make a very entertaining short story about that episode with Muffin. If you ever have free writing time in class or even journal writing, think about putting this story to paper. Winn Dixie found his place on a movie screen...you never know what might happen to a great dog story!


By the way I have read that book and it is very interesting. I remember they called her sandwich meat because her middle name was balogna. She would always ask that her dad if she could keep him. Anyways Muffin did walk in the church right whenh they were going to kiss. How did you find your dog if you have any?


sad story. cant imagin how u got over it cuz its so sad anyways cya


It took some time to cope with so my paents just bought me a new dog. Then I wasn't sad anymore.

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