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March 30, 2007


Edel McLaughlin

Hi Eddie

Came across your class blog through reading Ann Davis' blog. http://anne.teachesme.com/2007/01/
I'm very jealous about your spring trip to Jamaica. I'm a maths teacher in New Zealand and right now we're in Autumn heading towards winter so the heaters are going on and the nights are starting to get cold. I would love to be going to Jamaica right now! You might be able to post a photo on your blog to make us all jealous when you get back from your trip.


Eddie, I can tell you are excited about Spring Break. If I were going to Jamaica I would be full of glee too. Well, even though I can not say I will be in Jamaica for Spring Break, I can say I will be there in the summer. So in two months I will be saying "Jamaica Baby" just like you.
Also, I am glad to hear that your parents decided to let you go even though your brother will not accompany you. I believe your parents wanted to send both of you, and when your brother had bad grades that couldn't send you both. This time, they felt that was a punishment to you, and it was not fair. It sounds like you have a great set of parents.

Keep up the good grades and enjoy Jamaica while you are there!

Do you think your brother will pull up those grades so he can go to Jamaica?

Or do you think you will be making another trip by yourself? (hope not)

Mrs. A

Wow, I can't wait to hear all about your trip to Jamaica!
How are things at school? I really miss you guys. I hope everyone is working hard. I'll see you soon!


It was fun in Jamaica even though my brother was there. but it was fun anyways. Where is New Zealand? What is it like where you live. I'm jelouse that you guys live in another place. I can't belive it's going to be winter over there where you live. It is starting to warm up over here in Georgia. What grades do you teach? I'm in 5th grade.


I think that you would like jamaica. By the way I'm going to israel for the summer. I'm also going to Samolia which is south of Ethiopia which is in Africa. Alot of my cousins live there. My grand father is from Samolia. By thge way I will keep up the good grades. see ya!!!


I can't wait to tell you about my trip tomorrow. I am working hard and studying for the CRCT I'm also working up on the comments. By the way things are doing good at school. I'm keeping up all of my grades and my parents are proud of me.

Miss Kay

Hello Eddie,

Did you have a good time in Jamaica for Spring Break? My family is from Kingston, Jamaica too. If you know the area, they are from St.Catherine and Port More. I have not gone back in a few years but every time, I go I love the ocean as well. I remember when my parents surprised my sisters and I during our spring break, we didnt know until the day we went! That trip was so much fun. Im happy that your parent didnt punish you as well this time for your brother's bad grades. You keep up the good work.I hope you had a good time and maybe your brother will do better next time, so he can go.


Miss Kay,
I really did enjoy my trip during my spring break. I hope that you have a great time in Jamaica during the summer. I'm glad that my parents saw that I deserved that trip and that I wasn't punished for my brothers mistakes.

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