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May 08, 2007




Have really enjoyed reading your blog this year. One reason I have enjoyed it is I have learned allot. The different things I have learned are:
1. Blogging is a way for people to connect despite geographical and generational separation. Where else could a grade five student in the US connect with a Math teacher in Canada!
2. Learning is encouraged when there is a rich community of learners.
3. We all have something to share with one another.

Thank you for what you have taught me. Keep blogging and keep learning.


I really have enjoyed blogging this year. I hope that I get that chance again when I get into 6th grade. It really has pushed me to a higher plane. It has developed some opportunities.

Dr. Susan Brien

Dear Eddie,

I read everything in your classroom blog and I must tell you that I am impressed with the your writing skills. Doing well is obviously important to you and connecting with other students and teacher is important as well. I hope that you have enjoyed 6th grade and that you have continued to improve your skills in writing, thinking mathematics, and all that you learn. Well done, Eddie.

Dr. B.

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