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May 18, 2007


Mrs. Jessica Smith

It's not that bad. Your brother is just trying to frighten you.

1. The lockers are WAY TO SMALL to fit ANYONE in them.
2. There really aren't a lot of fights here at CMS because fighting is not tolerated.
3. The work will be harder but if you are a good student at the elementary school, you should do fine at middle school.

Don't forget to check out all the fun things that you can get involved with at middle school like Robotics Club, Drama Club, Intramural sports, etc.

Mrs. Riggleman

Older brothers like to tease and to scare you. Edwards is a great place. All of the teachers here make sure that it is a safe and fun place to learn. If you do your school work and pay attention to the teachers, you'll do great.


Thanks for the advice. My brother always says that I'm not going to survive in middle school but I think that I am. I don't think that the work would be so hard because I always get A's and B's. Also I can't wait to get better specials.


Mrs. Riggleman,
My parents keep fighting about me going to middle schools. My father wants me to go to EMS but my mom wants me to go to CMS. I'm not shure which school that I will attend but thanks for the pointers.

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