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November 14, 2006



Wow! Your story is so creative and you have such a vivid imagination--I am inpressed by your creativity. You should continue your weird city story and add some more details or maybe make your story into a picture book where you illustrate your story. I think that it would turn into a wonderful story that would be fun to create and read.


I am wondering why you and your friends have been so imspired to write about monkeys. This is a creative story. I wonder if you want to make it a little longer so that your readers learn more about what makes the weird island so weird. By the way, there are lots of "weird" islands in literature--maybe you can do some research on that, or ask your teacher about it.


Ms. McGrew


Your story is so creative! I agree with Michelle that it would be fabulous if you made your story into a picture book. I would love to see what the monkeys, mushrooms, and the island all look like. Your great descriptions help me to imagine these things. I look forward to reading more of your stories.

J. Esteban

You write with great detail, and I agree with everyone that some pictures for this story would be really great. You should be flattered that your story was imaginative enough for everyone to think of pictures to go with it. Why did you choose monkeys? They are definitely interesting and smart animals, but I like the way that monkeys sometimes seem like people and that it makes your story even more meaningful because it teaches a lesson about people.

Cory Gates

Dang,You really have a way with monkeys Cody. You can use monkeys for a lot of stories. I think for a starter that that was great. You keep up the good work and you will shoot for the stars. If you can be very creative than the better your stories are.


Mushrooms and monkeys - what can I say? I agree with your other fans - go on with this strange tale!


Can the shrooms (mushrooms) explode into 100000000 pieces and will the city change? and did the monkeys turn to roaches?


No do not do that again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Michael

jon student

that was a funny story. I have a suggestion. Do not overuse 'then.'

sean fr

that is a funny story!!! this blog is good. you should add on to it. i have a suggestion though. do not overuse the word then. otherwise it is good and creative. i like it. it got me into blogging. so thank you jhonny. thank you a lot. write back to me i am your biggest fan. i am in sixth grade and i am 12 years old. you are now my friend. so ya. your my friend. thank you friend. i thank you a lot. so write back because this is probaly the longest comment you have. i am your biggest fan. so write back. ok. all write. thank you again. wait i forgot why i thank you... o yes you inspired me to start a blog. so ya again thank you. you are funny and creative. wait have i already said creative? o sorry. bye

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