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October 11, 2006



This is a really nice post and the poem reveals so much about you, your values and your dreams. Also, you were so honest. Many people are afraid to share their fears. But as you see. We all have them and it's okay to face them and to understand them.

Kara Hill

This poem shows what a wonderful imagination you have. You mentioned some interesting things. Keep up the good are off to a great start!


I'm very sorry I haven't replied to your comment. I have been very busy lately. But any way, thank you for your nice comment. I realy enjoyed reading it. I can tell that you probably make people feel special about all the things they do! At least you made me feel special. Are you always busy doing work? I hope I get your replie soon. Bye!


Kara Hill,
I am soooo sorry I haven't replied to you before now. You see I have been very busy lately so please forgive me. But thank you for your touching comment. It thrills me to know that you think about my writting like that. I can tell that you are a very sweet and kind person. Now days there aren't as many people that are like you and I. Do you think we could do something to make people nicer? Talk to you later.

victoria pausini

Hi my name is victoria pausini I really liked your story called a whole new world found by a girl but other interesting things could have happened there


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