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November 14, 2006


Ms. Scarbary


Your story has wonderful imagery. I love the line-The lake was so blue that it matched Hailey’s eyes. Your use of detail really helps me picture the soothing water of the lake.
Keep Writing!


That's a great story! It reminds me of C.S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia. People, usually children, in those stories are always being transported into other worlds. I like the way you used details, it made me feel like I was really in the story.

J. Esteban

You really use detail in great ways in this story. Your description of the lake was beautiful, and I like the way you said that it felt soothing for the character. I feel the same way when I am at the lake, and it really made the image stick out in my head. Keep up the great work!


Just down the glen from where I took this photo there is a small church. It is cold and damp, but very silent and lovely among the trees. So you see your story catches some of the reality behind this picture - well done!


I love your story. You had great details.

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