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January 04, 2007


Mrs. C

Hi Victoria,

This post made me think about another story I read in the news the other day.

A 6-year-old, towheaded neighbor, George, came screaming through the front door of this lady's house. “The polar bear is getting extinct,” he yelled. “It’s global warming. It’s killing them.”

The lady telling the story said her children had been talking about how the melting Arctic ice cap is reducing the bears’ hunting ground, and attempts at swimming to catch seals have only led to increased drowning. Deaths are up, and the main culprit, say experts, is global warming.

This lady's son told the six-year old neighbor “That’s why we’re getting our new car,” my 6-year-old son explained to George, his best friend. “To save the polar bear.”

This is how the lady explained her son's reasoning:
"As counterintuitive as it sounded, my son’s statement was true. Global warming was the main factor in deciding to buy a fuel-efficient car when we traded in our minivan this holiday. For our children, that translated into helping the polar bear."

Victoria, I loved your post and it was fun sharing this interesting story I read. See a lot of people are concerned about our polar bears. We need to keep telling these stories to get others interested. I think that is one way to make a difference. Blogs can help that way. What stories would you like to tell to get people involved in worthwhile endeavors?

Mrs. C


hey! i love polar bears! i am sooo sad about the incident that is happening with them. i am an animal lover too! i hope we find a solution to this problemo. i will get back to you as soon as i can! I LOVE THE POLAR BEARS!! carra~


I really like your blog and I think that you are getting very good at it! It's very interesting how you are looking around and grabbing information off of other blogs and giving them credit. I think that it is important that you are thinking of other things like polar bears, and that you have a way with blogging. Why did you pick to do her blog? What else worried you in the world? Well,keep up the great work!


I'm in Mr.Fishers class and we are supossed to help your class with your blogs. I really like this post because you used a lot of links and when you do that it makes it more interesting for the readers. Another good thing that you did was you put it in paragraphs and that is a good thing because it keeps your work organized and easier to read. We are doing a lot of things that you are doing, but we are writing about all of are school work and projects that we are working on. We have been blogging since the begining of the year, i really like it and im sure that you do too. So keep up the good writing and hope you have fun with your blog! :)

P.S.- You should check out my blog

P.P.S.- and the links to my classmates too...bye bye! :P



I am sooo happy you like polar bears too. Now we have something in common! I am very sad about the problem with the polar bears too. Hopefully we will find a solution soon. Can’t wait till you comment me again.
P.S. Do you thin k we could raise money or something to help save them?


Mrs. C. ,
I think we could look on the internet and find real storys about the polar bear's environment. If we post the storys on our blogs, and people see them they might do something about the polar bears. What do you think we could do to save the polar bears? Talk to you later,


I picked her blog because it was the first blog that I agreed with everything she said on it. Basicly everything worries me that is about the environment and other people and living things. What worries you in life?
Chatch Ya Later,


I'll try to comment on your blog soon. And did you get a chance to see any of my other posts?
see ya later,

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