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February 12, 2007



I agree! It is our responsibility to take care of our natural enviornment.

For many years, people have harmed the environment due to our ignorance in areas like pollution from vehicles, factories and more.

We must make a shift in our thinking to create and use cleaner fuels and technologies.

It might even be more important to give our environment time to rejuvinate itself.


I totaly agree with what you had to say about our environment. When you said you think that we should give our environment time to rejuvinate itself. You sonded like a scientist. But the only thing is, is that not many people will listen to just you and me about the environment. How could we spread the word?
Catch Ya Later,


Hi, well done post. My name is Elaine and I am in grade eight (in Mr. Fisher’s class)
I agree with you that clear cutting and cutting trees inst doing us any good and it is harmful to the environment. Also it is true that many animals are losing there home. Do you think that this could be a reason for so many bird being endangered, because they are losing there homes due to clear cutting? are class also looked at some problems such as clear cutting and many other local, national and global issues and I am glad that you and your class are to.
Keep up the good work.

Signed Elaine

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