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March 06, 2007


Nicole (a grad student)

Victoria, Isn’t it amazing what people will do for things they would like to have? Such as lining up for hours to be the first to have something new? Would you have lined up to obtain the new dollar coin? Your post is insightful as you did bring up an interesting point regarding President Grover Cleveland. All of the presidents are important to history, and it is interesting how only one president does not have his face on a coin. Why do you think this is? Even though he was a president who served two terms, some of his actions were said to be “controversial” Have you thought to look it up? That would be an interesting history project to research I am sure you would find some interesting facts!

Nicole (a graduate student)


Hi Victoria,

I love the title of your post!

You asked why Grover Cleveland won't have his own coin with his face on it. I thought I read he would. Is this a trick question?

Please, please, what is the answer?



Great question Victoria - I would love to read a follow up blog post on your research into the question. Is Nicole right in that it is due to his controversial decisions made when President? Is Lani correct about the fact that he will be on a coin one day soon? Maybe you should read the article again to see if it says anything more about it. Next time, can you add a hyperlink so that your readers can go straight to the article. I can help you if you need it.

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