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April 23, 2007



What a heartfelt thanks to your teachers! I hope one day my students (who happen to be my 3 kids) will feel the same way about me.

I have enjoyed reading your blog this morning. I came across your blog via Eddie's Rainbow of Thought. It was the title of your Blog that first caught my eye. "Dreams of Wonder" conjures up the idea of something wonderful just beyond our grasp. It invites the reader to pursue it.

I am a mom of 3 in B.C. Canada and have recently begun to learn about blogging.


Hi Victoria,

You are such a thoughtful person to post this thanks to your teachers in your blogging class! I know they will really be touched.

Can you explain what has inspired you so much?



I think your children will feel like that towards you soon, so don't worry! I would like to ask you a personal question, but if you don't feel comfortable answering it than you don't have to. But my question is... How old are your children?
Gotta Go,


Nothing really inspired me for this post. I just felt like writing a post about someone or something, and I thought this one would make alot of my teachers happy so that's why I choice to write about them!
I gotta go,
P.S. I think I might be posting something about you soon!

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