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April 13, 2007



I wonder if you've found out from the blog what the object in the photo is? And if you know what all these abbreviations from the dictionary definition mean? All that M(iddle)E(nglish) and O(ld) N(orse) stuff ....


Hi Victoria,
It's really interesting to read your post.I can see how critical and creative you are becoming.I like your interrogative style.You make me think to my son when he first arrived in the United States.When people spoke English,he would always try to understand what they meant.His First language is French.He always wants to know or understand.
As you figured out,I can confirm that"blether" means "talking nonsense" or "talking in an inappropriate way".
Now,why does Chris use "blether" on her site is really interesting to know.Does she want to imply her site visitors talk nonsense?Or does she want people not to use her site to talk in an inappropriate way?I think that these are questions we might need to consider.Anyway,I think her idea of coming up with this word can be considered as a criteria or condition to participate in a blog discussion.For example,I think that a friendly warning on a blog like "Please,avoid blethering" might help to offer good ideas.What do you think?


Actually I do know what the object is in the picture! It's a coaster! And I don't understand what you mean by the abbreviations!
Gott to Go,


Actually I don't know why she calls her blog that! But I think I will ask her! Or if you want, you can ask her for me!
Here's her address-

Gotta Go,

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