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May 21, 2007



I have had a great year in blogging class and regular class. Even though your going to a different middle school than I am we will always be friends. Keep the blog spirit alive.


WOW, I am proud that is a very very very very wonderful post and oh yea I will definetly I will miss everything that has happened at this school. You did a good job in blogging this year, aleast to me..


It is time for us to part and grow up to go to middle school. Mabey we might clasp agian in highschool. This has been a great year blogging with you and the work has paid off. I hope that you have fun next year in middle school.


I wish that the 6th grade teacher let us have blogging it is so,so,so,so fun.I hope to see you next year at Edwards Middle School.Do you think your going to pass grade or not? SEEEE UUUUU NEXTTTTTT YEARRRR!!!!

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