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October 10, 2006


Mrs. C

I'm guessing you are going to have a birthday soon! What do you hope to get?

I am proud of your effort on this poem. Come back and finish when you get a chance. You are nice and funny - good character traits! I'm curious. Are you amiable? If you are not sure what that means check the dictionary and then tell me why you are or are not amiable! I love checking out new words. Do you?


Mrs.c Thank you for commenting to me. Yes i am amiable because I like to help people with alot of things.

Ms. L

I think you have written a great poem. I really found the bottom part the most interesting because you concentrated on touch. I can tell you like to explore your world and know how everything feels. I think that might make for a good scientist one day. You can tell a lot about a person by what they choose to write about. You seem to be very interested in your world. Your other post about cells and animals had some very good questions on there. Keep asking questions and exploring your own world for answers!

chloe ryder

it was not very good,becase it would have sonded better if it rhymed but u tried your best i am so sorry if i disapointed you with my comment,but i told you the truth and that is wot matterd tri agian and put rhymes in it it will be a load better. you tried your best i am so sorry you can make a horrid comment about me im so sorry


I think that was very mean,it hurt my feelings alot and it was very harsh. Didn't you know all poems don't have to rhyme?You need to put a capitalized letter at the begining of your paragraph.

Mr. J

Your poem is actually quite profound if you really read into it. Make sure you always double check your spelling when writing. Remember that not everyone is going to always like what you wrote. Criticisms come in all forms from good to bad but you have to learn from them and be thankful that someone took the time to not only read what your wrote but took the time to give you their opinion! Great work though and I look forward to more work!

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