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October 24, 2006


Mrs. A

I don't know if dogs and cats are right or left handed because I have never seen one write (ha, ha). Tell me more about what you learned about cells.


Hi T.K.,

I've had fun learning about hummingbirds (they come to our feeder in our yard)! They can fly so fast and they are so small!! Do you think their cells are like the cells of a dog or cat?



I just loved learning about cells, too. Have you had a chance to see any under a microscope? My favorite cells were green, were part of a leaf, and seemed to be following each other around the edges of the leaf. It is truly amazing!
I hope you get to spend more time in science class.


mind 5

Thanks for comenting to me. That is cool because we know the same thing and i was only in sience for a month. I always wanted to learn about cells thats why i wrote about it. I want to ask you one question do you know if a dog or cat is right or left handed?


I don't know if a cat or dog is right or left handed! If they each have two front paws (hands) maybe they can't favor one. There is a name for that--ambidextrous.
I have two cats so I will start to watch them closely. If I make any discoveries, I will let you know.


J. Esteban


I couldn't help but notice the discussion you've started with your post. While I'm not sure whether dogs and cats are left or right handed, I'm going to guess that they are like humans: some are left handed and others are right handed. Perhaps you could run an experiment with your own dog or cat by rolling a ball toward their legs and seeing which side the dog prefers to bite the ball from. Either way, the way you've inspired people to write to you is something to hold important, because who knows what you'll have to write when you make your breakthrough discovery in the pet dexterity. Keep up the good work!


Yes I have looked under a microscope with cells.My favorite cell was the animal cell.The cell was purple.

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