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October 10, 2006



I’m glad to read your first blog entry and “I Am” poem TK! I am keeping a blog for my own class and we get to read you and your classmate’s blogs as well. I agree with you that blogging is interesting and helps us learn to write better. The reason it helps our writing skills is because we are practicing our skills. Practice makes perfect, right?! Do you like writing, or is this the first time you’ve done a writing project like this? I’ll look forward to reading your future blog entries and watching your writing improve. :)


Hi T.K.
I'm in school now, learning to be an English teacher. I like your blog, I think it's very cool. You're lucky to be a blogger. Don't you think that writing in a place where lots of people can read your writing makes you a much more careful writer? I think you are very smart to realize how blogging will help you to be a better writer. Maybe someday you will be someone who writes for a living!

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