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November 14, 2006



Sounds like you love to swim. I bet it was very interesting. What did your family think about it?

Ms. Best

Sounds like so much fun. Is this a true story? I love going to the beach. My family is from an island so we always like to go to the beach for our vacation. Good writing. I'd like to hear more. Maybe you could write more words about the bridge over the ocean. You could write what the weather was like or how old the bridge was and what it was made. Great story!


I enjoyed the account of your family's trip to the beach. I love to go to the beach also, and the time there always goes by too fast! I like the way that you included a picture of the ocean to help people to see the setting of your story.


I'd like some description of the sea! Can you think of some good words for the way the sea looks in your picture?


Dear Ms. Best,
no this is not a true story but I wish I could go to the beach. Ms. Best well I have been to the beach before but I do want to go again. Ms. Best I want to ask you a question have you ever caught a shark before?

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