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January 30, 2007



I think that you did a good job on this because it really is interesting that it snowed where you live


Hi T.K.

I am so impressed with your descriptions of the snow!! I really like the ground looks like a pool of white icing and the fluffy white pillow. I had not thought of that before. Actually it felt like that when I fell in the snow the other day.

Have you ever had a chance to play in the snow?



Hello there, T.K. You are certainly a writer that knows how to share detail! I love to write and also read beautiful descriptions written by other people. If I had not been able to see the photo, your words would have helped my mind "see" what you were describing. I just came back from Austria (in-between Germany and Italy). As I haven't seen snow in quite some time, the beauty of the snow took my breath away. Snow changes everything it touches into something beautiful. That is why I love snow. Have you ever noticed the silence that hangs in the air during a snowfall? The hush of snowflakes as they fall is musical in its own strange way. If you're not already, I think you should really concentrate on using that descriptive power of yours whenever you write, no matter what it is. Every writer becomes better when they practice painting a picture with words just like you did.


Hi. This is Derek from Canada. I agree with you that the snow on top of the house looks like a big fluffy cake. I don't understand why your post is called "The White Snow Story". Other than that, you did an awesome job!


Yes Lani I have seen snow before . It snowed over in south Georgia were I live
It snowed 2 inches. When I found out it snowed I got write it up out of my bed it was 5:00 in the
Morning. I went out side and made a snow man and had a snowball fight.
Then I went back in side because I was getting cold. When I got inside and I got by the fire.



Dear Cordilia , no i never noticed that silence is in the air when it snows . I can tell that you have a good imgination . I want to ask you a question how many years has it been in since you,ve seen snow?

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