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February 27, 2007



Hi T.K.,

You’ve included some pretty descriptive phrases in your web: awesome, makes my body get flowing, taste the blogging--!! From those, I clearly understand that you DO like blogging! I’m glad; I do too.

If you had to give just ONE reason you like blogging, what would it be?



Hey T.K i was reading you'r post and i have to say it seems that you realy like to blog. Wondering what is you'r favorite part of bloging


The one reason i like blogging is telling people what is going on down here. and how im doing. All of this meens I like to answer questions. Thanks for commenting to me Lani.

Lani you are very smart I can tell. I always wanted to ask you what collage did you go to.


Dear Mike my favorite thing in blogging is answering questions so i can answer there questions and tell
them about myself.
Mike you better fix the end of the last sentence , put a question mark at the end?


Hi T.K.,

You are very welcome T.K. I like nothing better than commenting to you!

You asked what college I attended.
It was a long time ago; I went to Earlham College. Here is a link to their website:
Do you see on the page where it's located?

You are nice to say I might be smart but I think what I know and learn just comes from lots of hard work and never giving up. Do you think that's important too?


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