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March 27, 2007



Hi T.K.,

It's great to read about your passion for football and all the different teams on which you play!

Can you tell me what it is about football that you really like so much?



I like to play football because im competitiev and I like to have fun.The other reason is i like exersising.
From t.k
Lani what sport do you like?

Mrs. C

Hi T.K.,
I can tell how much you enjoy football. I am sure you are a very good player. Thanks for sharing your passion.

What is your favorite thing to do at school? What is you least favorite thing to do at school? Thanks for sharing your ideas. We want to know what you think!


Hi T.K.,

I am not athletic unfortunately. I'm pretty uncoordinated.

I do enjoy watching professional golf! I appreciate the talent, the strategy, and the precision that great golfers have as they try to put that little white ball in those very small holes.

Do you think football requires the same skills?



Hi T.K.,
I read your blog concerning your passion for football and I have to say we share the same passion. In Ohio, my father and his siblings would gather for almost every football game. There would be laughing, loud talking, lots of pizza, and joking. When I was 5 years old the pizza was my favorite part of the game. However, at the age of 7 I began to understand the game and have my very own favorite team-the Cleveland Browns. Believe or not they were very good once upon a time.
I was very excited to hear that even though your first football team did not win any games, you still tried your best. It shows that you are a good sport and full of character. A lot of athletes now show a lack of sportsmanship and character, they complain about bad calls, lost games, and name calling on the field; this usually brings negative attention to the game and prolong it. Even though I love the game, unsportsmanlike qualities ruin the game for me. How do you feel when you see players arguing with their teammates, coaches, and opponents? Does this behavior make you want to be a athletic role model with character?


Hey T.K. I was reading your blog post and I thought you did a good job on it and I to like football, and I sounds like you did a good job when you were playing football.

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