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March 06, 2007



Hi T.K.,

Wow, a squid as long as a school bus! Whew! I found what you wrote to be really interesting, especially when you noted it has been frozen so they can study it.

You asked what kind of ocean did they catch it in and I'm thinking that since it was near New Zealand, can you tell what ocean if you click on this link to a map?
How many choices do you have?



Hi T.K. That is an interesting article about the HUGE squid. It is scary to think that I swim in an ocean with animals that big! Did you find which ocean it was in by using the link of maps given to you by Lani?

Remember to put your posts in your very own words. A good tip is to read the post before you save it. If you do not understand it, then it is probably not in your words. You should then put it in words you do understand.

Keep up the good work.

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