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March 30, 2007



What is a psp game? It makes me think of Personal Study Profile - but surely that can't be right!

Mrs. A

Wow, I love to go camping. Do you camp a lot with your family?
Well, I hope you are working hard and I'll see you soon!


Hey T.K.
I love holidays because they give a reason for giving and receiving gifts. PSPs (by the way Mrs. A, PSP stands for Play Station Portable) are extremely popular for both receivers and givers of gifts! I bought my little brother one for his birthday. My play brother also received one from his wife before he returned to Iraq. It seems that no matter the age, everyone can have plenty of fun playing with them.

It seems that all families celebrate Easter differently, but almost always people spend Easter with family and friends. Camping with the family sounds fun, I myself have never been on a real camping trip. What’s your favorite thing about camping? Riding a four-wheeler sounds fun too! How much safety equipment do you have to wear to keep safe? What are some other ways your family has celebrated Easter in the past? What would you like to do next year? Or is camping a family tradition?

I hope you get or have gotten your PSP. It seems that these days Easter baskets and Easter eggs aren’t as popular for Easter. What kinds of things do you think children in the future will want for Easter?

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