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October 24, 2006



That is a good blog. This made me think about, Are red pandas really red, Mary? On your next comment can you answer this question?

p.s can red pandas eat alot of bamboo?


Hi Mary,
You taught me alot about red pandas. Thank you! I didn't know that they were omnivores (have you learned that word in science).

I am curious did you write about them because they are one of your favorite animals?



I never knew there was such a thing as a red panda! Where can I find a picture of one?


After reflecting on your comment, I would like you to know I wrote about the red panda because it may be one of my favorite animals, but there is another reason. It is because it is very shy, kind, and other reasons. Do you know about a rare animal? Please tell me about it.


After reflecting on your comment I want you to know that you can find a picture of the red panda in google. Do you know about wikipedia on google? There are alot of pictures of the red panda.


After reading over your comment I will tell you that actualy the rea panda is really red. Also, it can eat alot of bamboo. What else have you learned about the red panda?


Hi Mary! I really enjoyed reading your post about the Red Panda. I did not realize that red pandas ate frogs and other meats … I thought they only ate bamboo! How did you learn so much about the red panda? I took my nephew to the zoo this summer and we saw a Giant Panda, but the female giant panda wasn’t in the cage because she had just had babies! My favorite animal I saw at the zoo was a monkey. Do you like monkeys?


I never really knew anything about the red panda untill I read your blog. In fact, I don't think I had ever even heard of the red panda! So yes, your blog about the red panda was very imformative to me. In what part of the world are red pandas usually found? I would love to see one someday, wouldn't you?



I am glad you have learned about the red panda. I think they are usualy found in Aisia. Yes indeedy I would love to see one. Do you want to open a nature reserve for all endangered animals with me one day? Please write back as soon as possible.


After reflecting on your post, I am pleased to tell you how to find a picture of the red panda in google. Do you know about wikipedia on google? There are alot of pictures of the red panda there please tell me if it helped you.

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