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February 13, 2007


Ms. Outspoken

Ms.Outspoken's comment to Mary's Maxed Out Owl.

The news from your Maxed Out Owl is very sad. The war in Iraq continues to cause death to innocent people. I think it is wonderful you are using you blog to inform other student's of such a tragedy. To think that young people are losing their lives in an adult war makes me very sad. What is your feeling about the War in Iraq?
Ms. Outspoken

Dulce Maria

Dear Mary,
I don't agree with bush about Iraq. I think they need to stop fighting. Do you agree with president Bush?


Ms. Outspoken:)

I think the war is tearing apart a innocent country once controlled by a very bad person. Yet, I think they should let that man rest in peace. What opinions of the war do you have?


Dulce Maria,

No, I think that the war is a waste of time, and it is very sad people are dying in a futile mission. Why else do you think we should stop fighting?


thanks for the comment you sent me and about the bomb the story about that got a little off topic

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