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March 13, 2007



That's a great announcment keep up the good announcements!


Thanks! What is your announcement for Eli?


So how did you feel when you heard the news. How do you think the rest of your class felt like? anyways you should chek my post.
( Rosalinda's Magical Thoughts ).

Literacy In ECE

Hi Mary,
It sounds like you are so excited about Mrs. A having a baby boy. How is she doing? Have you met him in person, or just seen the pictures Mrs. A posted on the blog? I am 27 years old and a lot of my friends are having babies. It is so neat and amazing. I don't have any children, just a puppy dog who acts like a person. Will Mrs. A be back to school soon? How is school different now without her in the classroom? I am sure its nice to hear from her on your blog.


Literacy In ECE,

She will be back in May. It is boring without her. Yeah, a puppy acts just like a person. I have a pup too. He is a theif. He is half Rottwieler and half black lab. What kind of dog do you have?

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