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April 13, 2007



Well done, you! And I like your mention of the link - very professionally put.

Literacy in ECE

Hi Mary,
Thanks for your definition of "blether". I had no clue what it meant. I tried to follow your link, but think my computer is being unruly at the moment. I did a search for the word "blether" on wikipedia and nothing could be found.
I am in college and just learned that anyone can create, or update, a page on Wikipedia. Perhaps your class should update this information. It's really easy:
1) You go to www.wikipedia.org/
2) You type "blether" in the search box
3) It bring up a page that asks if you would like to update information
You could be an author on the World Wide Web. How neat!! I certainly learned something new from you today. You should share this knowledge with others.
Good luck,
Literacy in ECE


Hi Mary,

It was really special having an opportunity to skype with you the other day despite being disconnected!!

Do you often engage in foolish chatter? I know I do!





I know I blether a lot!
It was to bad we were cut off.

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