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October 10, 2006


Mrs. C

You have written a very beautiful poem. It is full of good insights. I think your dream that every problem can have a solution is really thoughtful. You gave good descriptions. Where are some of the places you would like to travel? I look forward to reading more posts on your blog. Outstanding work!


I loved your poem. I think that you sound like a caring, sensitive, and great girl that has wonderful dreams. I like how you said, "I try to erase all the bad things people say" and I think that is so important in life. You have to forgive people for what they say and do and also not hold a grudge about it. Forgive and forget is one of the best things to learn in life and the people who do are happier and gain other people’s respect and admiration. People can learn a lot from someone like you.
Based on your poem, I think that your future is going to be bright and filled with the things and people that you love. May you keep on dreaming.


I really love your poem. You sound like a very imaginative person with a special connection to animals and nature. What's great about these types of poems is that the reader can get to know the poet a little bit and sometimes the poet can gain an appreciation for the unique qualities that make her special, don't you think? Good Job!

Kara Hill

You remind me so much of myself. My favorite colors are pink and green and consider myself to be sassy and sweet also! I enjoyed reading your poem and I look forward to reading more of your writing. Is this your first blog? If so, how is your experience with it so far?


Kira Hill,I feel proud of myself because I made you feel the same you again.Most of the people that I know don't like the color pink, so happy right now. I can be sweet some times ,But I always feel sassy.I consider this as my first bloging.My experince so far is preety good my teachers tell me that I use fantastic word in my bloging and I really admire what my teachers say about me.


Hi Mia,

Pink happens to be one of my favorite colors!! I planted a garden that has all pink flowers!! It's a happy color to me.

I did so enjoy reading your poem!!! I think my favorite lines are when you “dream that every problem can have a solution” and when you “understand that we can’t rewind the past.” Those are some pretty grown up thoughts!!!

I have two questions for you:
1. I noticed in line one you mentioned “I am sassy and sweet”. Can you tell me what you mean by sassy? I’m trying to make a picture of you in my mind!
2. When I read lines 6, 12, and 17, I wondered if you meant to use the words that you have there? Can you check and let me know?

I can’t wait to read your comment back and your next blog posting!!!!



HI Lani,
What I mean is am more like a girly-girl. I spend alot of time in the mirror. I care for what I wear. Sometimes. Though I am not those persons that think about popularity.I found my mistakes in line 6,12,and 17.I had a hard trouble finding them. First I read it to my self. I didn't find any errors. Then Ms. C told me to read it out loud so I read it. I found my errors. What I meant was sweet not sweat. I have a hard trouble writing those words. I can't tell them apart. Ms.C told me some hints about checking my work. Thank you Lani for finding those mistakes for me. I wouldn't have found them with out your help. I am not sassy and sweat. I am sassy and sweet.

Ms. L

What a wonderful poem! I really like how you repeated "I am sassy and sweet." It gives your poem a lot of depth. You can tell a lot about a person by how they write and what they choose to write about. You obviously have a lot of imagination, and I think that it will help you when you write in the future. I especially liked the lines "I understand that we can’t rewind the past / I say that live for what you have and have fun with it" What a great thing to discover at your age. However, I think you might have meant "I say TO live for what you..." But I still understood the meaning and appreciated it a lot. You have a lot of talent. Keep up the good work!


The line:live for what you have and have fun with it.I heared it from an a adult. I keeped on thinking about what he said. Intill I understood. Those words keep my days going.The line: I know I can't rewind the past. That got me thinking too. since my family has allot of problems.I try to learn from their mistakes.




Your poem is a wonderful statement on how life really is. I am a sixth grader and alot of people here don't write as well as that. Good job. ^_^

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