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October 24, 2006



I predict that you will do very well In blogging I like the way you said that the title gives you a clue about what the post Is about. Like daughter like famaly Is a good title.


Hi Mia,

Your title is the perfect one for your post! Can you tell me what traits you inherited from your parents? I inherited free ear lobes, the kind that hang. Did you know that is an inherited trait? Are yours attached and are your parents attached? I wonder if you knew that these 6 traits can be inherited--look here: http://www.k12science.org/curriculum/genproj/traits.html



Hi Lani,
Thank you for writing to me. I had to think hard about my title.I have an attack earlobe. I don't know if my parents have an attacked or a free earlode. I didn't asked them that question.I inheriat brown eyes and brown hair. I also inheriat the shortness from my daddy. I like the web site that you lift for me. I know a few of them.What traits have you inheriat from your parents?


HI Jhonny,
Thank you, I think it is a great title,but I thought that it was going to confuse people who read it. Your post about Paul Revere is also a great post. I like when you said that he had a famus saying.Since you like my post what are so traits you inheriat?

Ms. Scarbary


When I was in 5th grade, I did a Science Fair project called "Is tongue rolling hereditary?" Hereditary means that it is inherited. Do you know what tongue rolling is? Can you roll your tongue? If you can, then at least one of your parents must be able to, because it IS hereditary. Here is a picture of what it looks like : http://www.ncrtec.org/tl/camp/gene/curl.jpg. My mother can roll her tongue, but my dad cannot. So I can roll my tongue too.


Mia, I think that this is a very interesting topic. Isn't it crazy that some things that we do are passed down to us from our parents? My hair is curly, just like my mom's. Are there any traits that you have that your parents do too? And, are there any ways in which you feel like you look different from your parents?

Mr. J

When I was in school I actually made a video about genetics for a friend's class! It was loads of fun and I learned a ton about genetics. Even though it is hard for me to see it, everyone says my son looks just like me. The reason why of course is because of genetics! Thanks for the great job on your blog and keep up the awesome work!

Jacky Carrasco

Hey I was wondering If you are rough with boys when you where on a team called 'The Terror'and there is only boys but me and a girl maria and now I am on a team called the 'lady elite fire' and you are sitll rough and you hit a friends boy friend and what do you do?

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