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October 10, 2006



Dear Mia ,
You are very cool and yes you can be nice or mean as long as you are your self it doesn't matter what other people say.


You now I can be mean and nice, but also I feel confidence in me. Your right you shouldn't care what other people think of you as long as you are your on self.write back.



What is your favorite tv show? What is your favorite kind of music?


I actually have to say that not once have you ever been mean to me. You are always nice to me. Tina is right be your self.ALWAYS. What I think is if you are your self then you will make more friend and they will probaly have trust in you.
I think that you are a trustworthy friend that I know we will stay friends for ever even if we are not around each other, like say you or I move we will still remember each other.


Hi Mia,

I'm Jaslyn You sound alot like me. I really like your page and especially your poem. I can tell you're very unique and creative.

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