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November 28, 2006



The podcast sounds really cool. The article makes me want to have a podcast to proofread my writing. It's a good article.

Mrs. A

I agree that listening to the podcast can really help your writing. You are so smart in thinking that proofreading can help you find errors, but also think about how your writing can be better. What are some common mistakes you see in your writing?
Mrs. A


I love your post it is very interesting. I can understand your witting very well. I do agree with you about the podcast. It does help you understand everything. It shows you your mistakes. Ms.C. does help us alot, and it is very nice of her to do that when she relly does not have to. Our blog that she helps us on is not even hers and she takes it above and beyond and helps us. She is a kind and polite woman. That is what I like about her, she is the way she is. "ONGRADULATIONS"on your wonderful post! I adore this nice piece of work from your MIND!

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