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January 30, 2007



Hi Mia,

We did not have a white Christmas! We usually do.

I believe that you really captured the essence of snow on a calm day; "peace" is just perfect!! Yes, being out in the snow, alone or with Harley, when there is no wind really is peaceful.

How did you happen to use the word peace? Have you spent time in the snow?



Hello Lani,
I chose peace becuase when first you look at it. It looks white, calm,and like you will like to really want to play on it. But if you think about it and look at it again you might think of more adjectives.No, I don't really spent time in the snow because where we live at it doesn't really get to snow. Sure it is cold but not to cold to make it snow.We only get sleet or ice.

Miss Kay

Mia’s Hall of Fame

I agree that the driveway was cleared. But did you mean that the snow on the driveway is NOT as thick? Or do mean that is just as thick? Also, I liked your adjective for this picture; peace. I also thought about the holidays and it is definitely a white Christmas.

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