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March 06, 2007



I love how you expres yourself with books. I like books too. But I specially like fantacy books. My favorite books are sleeping beauty and cinderella.Wich are yours?


Hi Mia,

I love Dr. Suess! Your story about Dr. Suess is oh so funny.

And I think my favorite is "Oh,the Places You'll Go."

You have brains in your head
You have feet in your shoes
You can steer yourself any direction you choose--

Now what can be better than that!!!?

I'm thinking that if he was writing today, he'd do as he did! His books are beloved by many don't you think?



My favorite book is The Beauty and The Beast. I also like read chicken soup books because it talkes about real things about people and their real things.
What your favorte Dr.Suess book?


Hi Mia! I do enjoy reading Dr. Suess books, although they can be tongue twisting at times. Dr. Suess was a talented man wasn't he since he could come up with such creative rhyming stories. I met a teacher last week who did a Dr. Suess project with her first graders called "Socks in Crocks". So maybe Dr. Suess would write a book with a similar title if he were still alive.


Yes, I think that people love his books.When I was more younger then I am now, I love d reading his books. I'll read it twice if I had to.Now I don't pay attention to the book. They are not that intersting to me. You are wondering then why did she wrote this post. Well, I typed it because it gave me memorys about the old days. And I that it will be something interesting for my readers. That one memory is when I was in kindergarden. It was Dr.Suess birthday and my teacher was making green eggs. the first time she did it it spilled. so she had to do it again and she had to change her cloths.

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