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April 10, 2007


Mrs. C

Hi Mia!
Lani is absolutely right! You do make the best titles! Remember though - capital letters for names, especially your own.

I am curious as to why you don't like answering comments. Is it hard for you? Be specific with your answer because I really am interested in your response. I admire your honesty and directness in giving your answers to questions. That's a good trait! What are some topics you would choose to blog about?

Keep up the great work!


Lani to Mia,

I am really curious too! I love talking with you--



Hi Lani and Ms.C,
I don't like commenting back because some are too long, some questions they ask are to hard to answer. What I mean about that is that some question are questions I have never thought of answering.
I would love to write about what happened to me over the weekends or something intersting that is going to happen on the monthwe are on.


Hey Mia =)

You did an awesome job at answering those questions! I think we agree on a lot of the same stuff in blogging. I especially agree with your answer on how you get a topic to post about; I usually get an idea when I start typing as well. I just write stuff when I start typing, and before I know it, I have a post. Anyways, excellent job on the questions. Keep up the blogging! =)



I love commenting to you too!


Hi April,
You too, keep up the good work.

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