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April 13, 2007


Ms. Outspoken

Thank you for teaching us a new word. I find the fact that the English language has so many words amazing! It seems as though a person could go an entire life time without hearing ALL of the words in our language. Seeing the word blether and your definition made me want to look it up. The dictionary I used said:
Noun: someone who speaks nonsense.
I do not know about you but, I know many a person who is blether. I am curious how you chose your word. Is this a spelling word? Is this a vocabulary word? Keep on learning!
Ms. Outspoken


You can also use the word as a verb - "to blether". More likely to turn up in a negative context: "Don't blether" or "Stop blethering". Fun, huh?


Hi Mia,

You've done it again with your title; you are so very creative!!

I like this word blether (it was new to me) and now that I think of it, I'm sure I blether alot when I'm talking to Harley. What about you? When do you engage in foolish chatter?



I got this word well,we got this word from our teacher's blog also on this peson's blog too. I don't know if I am blether. I think blether is a spelling word.


Hi Chris,
Thanks for telling me that. I don't know if I put What the word blether can be use in.


Hi Lani,
Yes, I know I'm very creative and I know I even love my tittles.
I don't know if I blether. I mostly do foolis talks wiht friends and some enemys. Keep in touch.

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