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April 24, 2007



Hi Mia!
Your writing made me wonder why more teachers don't let their classes blog. I think that blogging, as you said, does improve your writing work and spelling/grammar. It also allows you to connect with people from all over the world. I think that you do learn things from blogging such as better spelling/grammar, you get to learn how to use a new software, and you are able to share your opinion with everyone out there. Awesome blog, keep up the awesome work!


Hey Mia
This is Toni from Mr. Fishers class.
I think that this is a great post and you made some good points about blogging. I agree that blogging helps your writing skills and it is a good way to improve your writing skills and it also alows you to reflect over the year and see how much your writing has changed and to see what you can improve.


Hi Mia,

This is a post that your middle school teachers should see!! Can you come up with a strategy to get them to read your blog?



Hi Anna,
I appriciate that you like my post. Yeah, I wonder why other class don't get to blog.Keep lovin my post.


Hey Toni,
Yeah it really improves your writing it improved mine.Maybe I'll comment in your blog. Keep in touch.


Hi Lani,
See I tell you that you are always commenting me in every post I post. I haven't thought of a strategy. Well, what I thought was that teachers will come and look at my post.

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