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October 10, 2006


Mrs. C

I think you have written a lovely poem. I can tell that you are a very caring person. I saw that you want to become a professional soccer player. Both of my daughters played soccer. It is fun. What position do you play? What is the best part of playing soccer? Keep on doing your best! You are going to be a good blogger!


I like you poem a lot, Emmy. I can tell that you are thoughtful and compassionate person who cares a lot about her family and is a dreamer too. With your comments about global warming and the education of those who are babies now, I can tell that you care a lot about the future of our world. Are there other issues in the world that worry you? Great post. I really liked reading it!


I think your poem is great. You seem like a very empathetic person- someone who cares a lot about other people and makes an effort to understand how they feel on a personal level. You also show concern for some larger issues such as global warming and education.Concern over these types of issues in a person your age is very rare and special, don't you think? Good Job!


Hi Mrs.C
I play pretty much goaly, foward, midfield,and defense which is all the positions.The best part about playing soccer is having fun and having good friends on the team.Thanks for commenting.


Yes world peace because of North Korea making nuclear bombs.Thanks for commenting.


Yes because not many people are like me.Thanks for commenting.

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