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November 14, 2006


Mr. J

Wow what a great question Emmy! I believe there are tons of things that can distract kids from their learning. Video games are definately one of them. As an avid video game player myself I have had to learn to play my games in moderation because they can get you so immersed that you forget about the things you should be doing during that time. One way you can help people keep their grades up is encourage them to do their homework. Homework helps you study the information you need to learn and if you for some reason do poorly on a test or a quiz at least you have that homework grade that will help soften the blow. Keep up the great work!


I like your story. It shows two different sides of Jr.'s experience in receiving the Nintendo DS: the joy of getting it and playing it, and the difficulty resulting from his grades falling. It's quite a cautionary tale. I like the way that you ended with a question; that invites responses. I think that there are a lot of things that distract kids from learning. A big one is that they are kids and like to play. I think kids should learn that the classroom isn't the place to play (even though learning can be fun), that they should do homework first, and that sometimes you can learn even when you play.


What I like best about your story is that it has a clear beginning, middle, and end. Have you learned about exposition, conflict, climax, and resolution in stories? It sounds like you might have!
Anyway, I found myself wanting to know more about why Jr.'s grades kept going down even after the DS game was taken away. Maybe you could add some information about how he was feeling then.
Keep on writing!


Ms. McGrew

You bring up a great point in your story. I think that lots of things can distract kids from learning. Things like fighting with your parents or siblings, talking to your friends too much, or even not getting enough sleep can be distracting. Do you have any special tips for staying focused when you are at school or doing homework? What do you do to help you focus when you are reading something?


It might be interesting to show us what was so fascinating about the games - perhaps by describing what it was? There is also the point that some games can actually help your learning, while others are simply fun - maybe there is some mileage in thinking about that? Of course, if it simply keeps you off your homework ...... :-(

mind 5

Those are big distractions and it makes kids not pay attention to class and it's all they think and talk about.I hope that that changes and kids bring their grades up. thank you for your comment.

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