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November 07, 2006


Ms. Scarbary


WOW! It seems like you have a lot of technology experience. When I was in kindergarten, computers were very expensive and most schools didn't even have them. (I went to kindergarten in 1979). Later on in elementary school, we got a lab full of computers, but the kinds of programs computers used then were very limited. Most monitors didn't even have color! You are very lucky to be exposed to so much interactive technology. I hope you continue to develop your mind through useful advances in technology.


Hi Emmy,
I am excited to hear how many opportunities you have to use different technologies! My earliest memories of computers are playing pac-man on my Dad's old apple computer (it had a HUGE black and white monitor) and playing Oregon Trail on the school computers in 4th and 5th grade. I don't remember being able to use the Internet until middle school. Now, I use the Internet all the time... to keep in touch with friends, to do research for school, to read your blogs :) Also, I didn't get my first cell phone until my 16th birthday! And it wasn't nearly as cool as the cell phones now. Keep up the good work Emmy, and keep writing!


Ms.Scarbary I would love to learn more about technology when you were in kindergarden. Please tell me more about the technology.


Kelly I am glad you read my blog maaybe if you some of the comments above yours you might see somthing in commen.Please tell me more about the technology about when you were little.

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