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January 19, 2007



Wow! You sure do like to write a lot. I'm in Mr.Fishers class and we are working on a project to help your class on blogging, I really like your blog becasue you use a lot of detail and you add in pictures to make it more interesting and i think that it makes your blog way more interesting for your readers. So I hope that you keep up the gppd wrok on blogging and remeber to keep your posts neat and interesting bye bye! :)

P.S.-You should check out my blog and my links to my classmates...cya! :P

Mike Metzler


Mrs. C sent me the link to your blog. It was exciting to hear again what we talked about that night. Be sure to spread the word about Take 10! to your friends, parents, and especially your teachers. Take 10! would be a nice study break at home--not just in school.

Let's keep in touch and let's work hard to get more time for art, music and PE in schools.

Your new friend,



Hi Emmy,

You are such a good interviewer and reporter. You included the pictures of the people you interviewed, plus the podcast, plus transcript, plus links that they suggested and links to information about them-- Wow!!! Excellent!! Extraordinary!!! Well done!!!!!

Do you think you'd like to become a reporter?



Thank you Lani for commenting and yes I would some day. It was so much fun doing that that night and I wish I never had to stop with all of the free food and drinks. It was so much fun. Thank you for bringing up the comment.


Hi Katherine I have checked out your blog but I will check it out again. I hope we get to comment back and forth again and again.I will try to keep up the good work and you too.


Hi Mike,
I have been spreading the word about TAKE10 even to my teacher I think she likes the idea and would want to start it next year with her next class.

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