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January 19, 2007



Emmy, I am so proud of your work and the questions that you are asking educators that impact education of the past, present and future. Continue to ask great questions, seek out answers, and provide the community with results or proactive ways of addressing issues. By the way, I listened to your podcast of your interview with Mike Metzler and I was fully engaged. During the interview you asked Mr. Metzler, "How do you feel about keeping music, art, and PE in schools?" He responded in a way that shows that he would like to keep them in the school in order to serve as an outlet or alternate to regular content. However, I would like to ask if what are some other reasons why we should keep art, music, and PE in school? Do you since PE, art, and music as outlets? Do you think removing art, music, and PE would impact the entertainment world or obesity among children?

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