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February 06, 2007



I really like your blog but I think that you should amke this posts font a little bigger because I cant even read it. So keep up the good work, bye bye!



Hi Emmy,

I am really interested in how you are approaching this topic! This is very good!!

What if I said that as a reader I like reading everyone's different perspective on the same topic? How would you respond to that?

I really like that you wrote carefully about the possible reader benefits. When you continue will you be including more of the benefits to you as a learner too?


PS The "what if" question is hypothetical. Ask Mrs. C or check with your nearest dictionary if you aren't sure what that means!


Hi Katie,
Something was wrong with my computer but I think it is back to normal know. You may want to check your spelling before you post a comment. I will try to keep up the good work.

Erica Acfalle

Hello Emmy,
I am conducting a reseach on our childrens learning asspects from grade 1-5. Just a few questions for you.

1) how does your elementary years impact your outlook for the future.

2) what lessons will you keep close to your heart as you think about being a teenager.

3) how can we improve as educators for students in the 1st grade.

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