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February 16, 2007


Barbara Meyers

Hi Emmy,
I hope you receive this comment. I was delighted to see the transcripts of the interviews you conducted in early January at the Legislative Event are already posted.
Don't forget to let your friends know about our Department of Early Childhood Education GSU website if they are interested in becoming teachers some day.


To Barbara

I would like to know the website address so I could tell my classmates if they wanted to be a teacher. Thank you for commenting to me. I am about to update and post your interview with me.


What an impressive post! I am so excited to see that you have interviewed someone you respected and wanted to learn more about using a podcast. I JUST learned yesterday how to make my own podcast. It was very interesting and fun to say the least. How comical to hear my own voice coming forth from a computer. You are certainly ahead on your technology knowledge - you blog, interview, and podcast like a pro!

Your questions to Barbara Meyers were thoughtful and well-spoken. I noticed how professionally and politely you asked the questions as well. Here is some food for thought for your podcast...where did you interview her? I noticed there was some background noise. Maybe next time, think about recording where it is quiet and away from other people. Also, have you considered adding music to your podcast? You seem to be very handy with the computer, so this would not be difficult for you at all. I am quite clumsy when it comes to the computer, and I had it figured out (with help!) in no time at all. Maybe consider a catchy musical introduction to begin the podcast.

Well done, Emmy! I can't wait to share your interview/podcast with my classmates!


Hi Cordelia,
I actually interviewed her at the Geogia State University Leader Appreaceation Night.I couldn't be in a quiet place that night because I was at a little station where everybody could come.No because my classmates and I aren't allowed to do that.I think I will take that into consideration.Thanks for commenting.


I agree Emmy - Mrs. C is a great teacher! Do you know she taught me and Mrs. A everything we know about blogging?


Dear Ms.B yes I knew that.

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