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March 30, 2007



I didn't really think that Americans cared about soccer! Just shows you how little I know .....:-(

Mrs. A

Hi Emmy. I like soccer too. It really is a fun sport, and it is good exercise too. What else do you like to play?

Well, I hope everything at school is going ok. I miss you all. See you soon!

Ms. Outspoken

Ms. Outspoken's Response to "Soccerfull" Kickoff

I really enjoyed your blog. I like the way you stated why you chose the topic. Your title aligned beautifully with your topic. I found it very entertaining how you get your audience hooked by giving them a little piece of detail from the story them referring them to another site. I also like how you closed out by saying you had to go play soccer, it fit in nicely. Good Job!
Ms. Outspoken

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