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April 10, 2007


Mrs. C

Hi Emmy!

Dynamite post! As I told you in class this is really good and I have seen such improvement! It makes me soar! Do you think we should paint the town red?

I can't wait to see your response to the new word that is on the class blog! If you had to pick your three favorite words, what would they be?

Keep up the good blogging!


Hi Emmy,

I'd like to second Mrs. C! This is good. Your first sentence with the words stupendous and extraordinary is exemplary!

Can you tell your blogging has reached a new level?



Dear Mrs.C I think we should paint the town red.My three favorite words fish paste,blah blah blah,and whatever. Thanks for the questions they were very... extrordinary!


Hello Emmy,
You have an astonishing opening. I just love it when students make use of their vocabulary. You asked some superb questions and received some extraordinary answers. I truly enjoyed your reflective response. Yes, blogging is great; you get to share your life and experiences. However, I agree with your feeling of it being scary too. Just thinking of the whole world, near and far, knowing personal things about you can be scary or simply knowing that you are able to reach and touch the lives of many can be scary. I believe that your insight on blogging is very refreshing and genuine. Emmy, would you further explain why you think the world knowing how your life works can be scary? What are some other topics, other than how your life work, that scare you?


Hey =)

This is an amazing post! I like how you answered the questions; you obviously put a lot of thought into them. I agree on a lot of the same things as you do about blogging. I think that the best part about blogging as well is being able to just write about your life and see what people say about it in a comment. I like to see what's new with others as well. Anyways, keep up the great blogging! =)


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