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November 14, 2006



I think your story is very entertaining. It reminds me a little of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe- have you read that book before? Have you ever wished you could be a grown up for a while? I know I did when I was younger, but I think you have the right idea that it's best to stay a kid for as long as you can.

Good Job!


I love stories that mix the everyday with the supernatural - have you read Alan Garner's "Elidor"?
Can I suggest you take a look at your punctuation of direct speech? You obviously know what to do, but you haven't always done it. It really makes dialogue clear when the punctuation is accurate.


Write know I really dont want to be a grownup.Yes I did read the book I also saw the movie. It was very good.I caught my mistakes did you cacth them?


Your saying all of your work is perfect.I went back and read mine i found the mistakes. Next time ill read it aloud before posting.


Hi Leslie,

You've done a good job of editing some of your errors! That is not an easy thing to do!

I wonder if you might not want to check with Mrs. A or Mrs. C on using there/their, and knew/new?

I really like this sentence:
"When they realized that they were grownups in that world they were shoked." Did you check the spelling on each of those words?

I can't wait to read your next post!



Hey Leslie, My name is Toni, I am a student in Mr. Fishers Class. I think that this is a interesting story and you did a good jod. I thought it was neat how they went up stairs and there was new adventure waiting for them. I also think that it was a good idea to post in on your blog that gives other people a chance to read it.

It is really cool that you are blogging, keep writitng!


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