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December 12, 2006



Wow what a wonderful christmas song! It was very crazy in some places but I like it. You did it just right.


Hey Leslie,
I have never hurd that virsion of jingle bells??? Did you make it up??? Well anyway it was really funny!!! GREAT JOB!!!!!
P.S. write back!!!1


Wow! That was wacky and creative! I've heard plenty of different versions of "The Twelve Days of Christmas", but never of "Jingle Bells." I'm sitting here wondering as I type what made you choose the words that you did. Do you have a cat or dog that goes riding in the car with you? Does your mom or dad have a Corvette that you love to drive around in with your pets? I also noticed your line about swimming and jogging. You must love to be active. Are you on a track or swim team? It is said that writers write best about what they know and what is important to them. So, I'm curious about your own interests and hobbies now after reading your silly song! Keep up the creative composing!


Ms. Outspoken's comment to Leslie's Wacky Web Tale.

It is now February and it was so nice to come across this post! I enjoyed singing the wack words to the tune of Jingle Bells. I did have some difficulty getting the hang of the song, I have to admit! I would like to know if you made those lyrics up all by yourself? They are very creative. Also, is Jingle Bells your favorite Christmas song? Merry Christmas...late and happy wacky singing.
Ms. Outspoken

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