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September 27, 2006



Hi there Group Four,

Here’s one person reading your thoughts right now! And I plan to be reading all that you have to say!

I am impressed with your ideas, especially “we learn as we read”. I think you are so very right about that. I wonder --which one of your ideas is most important to you?





Thanks for reading our comment. My favorite one is we learn as we read other peoples stories.That one was my favorite.If you do not mind I can not tell if your A boy or girl.


Hi T.K and Cena,
I like your favorites too! And thank you for answering!!

I do not mind, Cena, I am a female, an older woman who taught school for many years. My name is a Hawaiian word and it's pronounced lonnie. Do you know the meaning or how to find it?



Group 4,
Like you, I am new to blogging. I have found that it IS interesting to "read other people's stories" and learn about their ideas. In fact, I often find that when I write my ideas down they seem to become clearer, or I find that I change my mind completely. So, it is especially interesting to post them on a blog, have others write about them, and see how my thoughts develop.
What do you think you will write about first?


Ms. Scarbary

Group 4-
I love how creative you were with your concept map. You used a star. Did you mean that other people helping you was the most important idea? Or your most favorite? I'm glad you are excited about other people reading your stories, because I am excited to read them!


Group four-
I really liked taking a look at your diagram. The first thing I noticed and admired about it was the fact that you really pared down the comments to a select few. This simple design enables the reader to really focus on your ideas. I especially like the idea that blogs allow you to write down any idea you may have. That’s what I like about writing web logs. It’s a very relaxed informal kind of writing that really allows you to loosen up and have some fun. Writing should be, and often is, great fun!


What a great insight! You are all right; blogging is like having a little look inside someone's head. We get to see someone's thoughts and ideas. It can be wonderful sharing stories and thoughts on blogging as we come up with them. And yes, typing can be a little freer than writing with a pen or pencil simply because it is faster. But, there are good things about writing ideas out the long way, too. Have fun with your blogging, and I look forward to reading about all your cool ideas. Thanks for sharing such wonderful ideas with us already.

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