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September 27, 2006



Hi Group One,

Welcome to the world of blogging!! I loved your thoughts on blogging, especially “the more you try the better you are” and “type what we feel”. I look forward to reading your “catchy titles” and blog posts! I wonder, is there one of these thoughts on blogging you think is most important?



I think that was a great blog.I thought nobody would comment.I think blogging is great.I think the most important thing is it helps by improving writing skills.


You should never give up on a blog example:people should not give up on a test.On blogs why is it so hard to think of an unembarresing name for a blog?


Hi Rev and Michael,
Rev, I agree that blogging "is great" and I think it will improve your writing skills!

Michael, "never give up" is soooo important; for everything isn't it? I wonder, is it hard to come up with a good name for a blog because you want it to be, oh so you and just right? I know just the right name will come to you! Will thinking of something that you really like help? Or maybe something that represents you?



Dear Group 1,
Congratulations on your first blog ideas. You seem to be off to a great start and have mentioned the main work of writing a blog: typing what you feel (ideas), editing, trying your best at writing, and maybe even being a little nutty (within limits, of course). Since you have started working in groups to develop these ideas, it might be helpful to also share some of your first writing with your classmates before posting them. Having another person read your work can often help with making sure that the story makes sense and that you haven't forgotten any important punctuation marks.
I look forward to reading your work.


P.S. I agree with you, Michael, that coming up with an "unembarrassing name" for the blog can be difficult!

Ms. Scarbary

Group 1-

Wow! I am really impressed that you 5th graders have a chance to work with such advanced computer tools. Drawing concept maps in Inspiration is a great way to keep ideas flowing, and have a record of everyone in the group's involvement. I think you have the 3 most important ideas: Blogs can be fun, edit your work and you can't fail, and the more you try the better you are. Enjoy having the chance to express yourself, and share what is on your mind. It IS fun, and there is no way to fail when you have the chance to edit your posts.
Keep up the great work!


Group one-
I think your diagram is one of the most interesting. I am especially interested by the small comment at the bottom right corner. This comment doesn’t seem to be connected to any other comment. In other words, it’s a loner. Despite the fact that this comment shuns all relations, it makes a fascinating and profound point – “Sometimes web blogs are like nutty fruit cake.” Yes, this is indeed true. I think this is because there are many nutty people that write blogs. Great job on the diagram!


Group 1,
You all have some very creative thoughts on blogging! I love that you included the importance of things like a catchy title, and that sometimes blogs are "nutty like fruitcake". Blogs can sometimes be silly. It's important for you to write what you feel and to let your blog express yourself. It looks like all of you will be very good at that. I look forward to seeing your blogs!


"Sometimes web blogs are like nutty fruit cake.”

This is an interesting comparison. Many aspects of fruit cake (particularly the nutty ones) seem very similar to blogging: a blend of fine ingredients, hard work, and a deliciously chewy final product that those of us on the internet can read and "chew on" to our hearts content. Keep up the good work!

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